Ah Ha moment!
What is my Ritual?
What is your morning Ritual?
Do you have a morning Ritual?
What does it mean to have a morning Ritual?

My Ah Ha moment was to have a “Daily Ritual” a.k.a. schedule, routine, practice, organization, DMO – Daily Method Opportunity,

DMA – “Daily Method of Action” is the creates success

Wow! I realized I am in opposition to being in the box!!!

Schedule and routine are words that I found to be fingers nails on the blackboard….yuk! However, I found “RITUAL” To be intriguing.

I now am open to creating a daily Ritually!

Thank you Jerry Clark for you Master Workshop Webinar Ritualology!

Barbara Zurilgen


The measure of a man’s success is not how many times did he fall, however, how many times did he get up from the fall is the true measurement of success.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.

Continue poco a poco doing certain things in a certain way.

5 Network Marketing Tips

1. Treat your business like a job. Most people know how to do a job, show up on time, work constantly until your 15 minute break, then back to work until your 30 minute lunch, then again until your 10 minute break and then back working consistently and in high gear until it is time to punch out at quitting time. Consequently make a schedule and work your schedule.
2. Focus on high pay off activities. Make your actions count. From 9am to 9pm is your window of revenue producing activity RPA. Seek rapid growth, it is easier to build your organization fast rather than slow.
3. Stay in the game most people fail because they quit too quickly. Network marketing has the highest upside potential over any other form of income. It really deserves a 3 to 5 year full time commitment. If you are working part-time you are expected to bring in 1-3 people a month and full time efforts are 4-8 a month. Then you are expected to teach your team to do the same.
4. Marketing is the core foundation in all things in life. Learn to market. Learn to market yourself. Spend 80% of your time marketing.
5. Feed your mind daily with positive, personal growth programming at every opportunity. Read books, listen to CDs and DVDs. This really is the most important part of your day and should be done first thing in the morning every morning. You deserve to build your mindset foundation to success. This will only happen with an unshakeable belief in building an unshakeable mindset to success and to do this every day consistently over a extensive period of time. It will compound.

Mindset development does not have a destination nor a completion date it is a life long journey and pursuit to a higher level of success and living.


I Bathe In….

I bathe in manna on a daily basis, manna from the heavens. I do feel extremely blessed. I walk with an attitude of gratitude.

Our heavenly Father is a God of grace.

F. Scott Fitzgerald thought of money as manna that falls upon the chosen whose very sense of grace carries them breezily through life.

Be an attraction magnet and your life will be filled with manna.

Money magnetics always have more money than month rather than the opposite that poverty conscious people live in which is more month than money.

Build you a dream board…..

Word For The Day


Immure is a verb ….to immure…to enclose or confine (oneself or someone)against their will….my brother was immured in a mental institution since the age of 18 years old.

Many people immure themselves in a prison of their own thoughts.

late 16th cent.: from French emmurer or medieval Latin immurare, from in- ‘in’ + murus ‘wall.’

Check In Here…

I see I have watered my flowers today…

Actually I have neglected my flowers ….

OMG, my roses, orchids, and lilies are wilted…oh my…

Well, here I am ……checking in

The point is I am stepping up the pace so check back often….

Coming Soon…..

What Are The Ingredients of A Leader

How To Develop The Mindset To Win

How Do I become A Leader

Why Network Marketing

How Does The Cream Rise To The Top

The 5% Club

The 1% Club

Who are the 95%

Who Are We Looking For

What Is The 80/20 Rule

Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop

Everyone wants to know the inside Scoop. They want to know the key to success. What are the big boys doing? If only I knew what they know I too will be successful.

I am here to tell you that most people are not willing to do
what the big dogs are doing.

The key to success is really a no-brainer.

When you walk like a duck and quack like a duck you must be a duck.

I know you want to be an eagle not a chicken.
When you spread your wings to soar with eagles instead
Of groveling and pecking with chickens, you will be successful.

As they say if you lay down with dogs
You will get up with fleas.

So, if you do what leaders do then you position yourself to be a success in the marketplace.

You are as rich as the average of your 5 closest friends.
When you are ready to win and get what leaders get you must be prepared to actually do what leaders do.

Success leaves clues.

So what are leaders doing???

Well, I will tell you what they are and are not doing.

Most leaders build their business in the cold market. This enables them to stretch their wings and connect with people globally.

What they don’t do is chase friends and family.

So how do they find these cold market people globally?

Well, they buy leads, cultivate leads, and harvest leads, at the end of the day they build their business on leads.

Should you desire to learn more about the leads I am using, go to:

Barbara Williams

Ponder This!!!

Every day is an opportunity to move your business forward into profit.

With that being said you don’t always feel like it. Here is a little trick to get you going on those “let’s not do it” mornings.

Most of the time you may require a 1minute philosophy to jump start our activity.

I know all of you have heard of 1 day at a time. You know that can be daunting.
Think about it 1 day is 1440 minutes. That is a lot of minutes. That is 86,400 seconds.
The first time I went to the gym after (XXX years) it didn’t take long for me to be winded, 1 minute was an extremely challenging amount of time, after all that was 60 seconds.

At 211 degrees water is hot, with 1 extra degree water boils. Boiling water turns to steam and steam can POWER a locomotive….
Like 1 extra degree is 1 extra second…..that 1 extra second makes all the difference…

That 1 extra degree or 1 extra second of effort in business and in life separates the “Good” from the “Great”!!!
In golf tournaments over the last 25 years the separation of victory over all was simply less than 3 strokes!

We all remember the first person to the moon, but not the second.
The Gold Medalist in the Olympics is always remembered.
The degree or margin of separation between the Gold Medal and no medal at all is extremely small.

In fact in 2004 800m Men’s race the degree of separation was less than 1 second at .71 seconds, imagine that is less than 1 second earned victory.
Races have been won by .71 seconds. I am sharing this to point out that seconds do have value.

Let’s take a look at the Indy 500….
over the past 10 years the average victory margin was 1.54 seconds.
In this situation the average winner took home $1,278,813.00 and in 2nd place who no one remembers who that is …..$621,321.00 look at that margin for going the extra mile, putting in the extra second.

To get what you have never won…
You must do what you’ve never done!

Turn up the heat you deserve to be more, do more and have more.
Belief leads to enthusiasm, which leads to passion and passion fuels the fire to success. Stand in the winners’ circle.

Perseverance is not a long race however it is many short success repeated over adding 1 minute to each endeavor!
Always celebrate you 1 minute…your 60 seconds this will always lead to more successful behavior I guarantee it!!!!

It’s your choice, it’s your decision, you are responsible for your results.

Keep a “Celebration Journal”, journal your multiple 1 minute successes which will lead to outrageous success!!!

With you for your success,
Barbara Williams
Author, Coach, Entrepreneur

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NOTE: I have suffered from a chemical depression since the age of 7 years old and I have been able to succeed 1 minute at a time throughout my life.

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Lift You Up Today

Today is another day in the chain of days.

You have a choice and a decision to make.

How will your day be today?

Good, great, magnificent or simply out of this world!

When you walk out into public and say “How are you today?”

Normally the person will respond with “well”, “good”, “fine” or
some other mediocre and pedestrian answer.

Most of the time they will ask back “how are you?”

Well, my answer is always “simply out of this world!!!”

with a smile and a chuckle.

And “thank you for asking.”

This makes me feel just awesome inside for putting a smile on their face.

And now I am walking away with a smile on my face!!!