Beauty Is What You See

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A another day of looking down at the beautiful green grass instead of up at the roots is a beautiful day.

Today, I am awake and full of gratitude!

I am thankful I am visiting my granddaughter Rosie in Mexico and her awesome family!

I am thankful to see my other granddaughter Shirley, what a beautiful girl.

I am thankful to be alive, full of energy greeting another glorious day!

I am thankful for my followers who read my posts.

I am thankful for my other grandchildren Madison, Xavier, Rosie, Josie, Nathan and 1 on the way!

I am thankful for my friends Sue, you, Barbara, Johanna, Diane, Jennifer, Jeanne, Walter, Prem, Eileen and on and on none of you are left out even if you do not see your name here! I love you all!

I am thankful to be a proud own of 5 glorious dog children Royce, Zoe, Ruby, Sadie and Sasha.

I am especially thankful for my friend Diane is not only staying in my home but is caring for my dogs.

I am thankful to be earning multiple streams of income.

I am thankful to be a coach helping others grow day by day ……

I am thank for my beautiful home.

Thank you everyone, everything, and most of all for the love and guidance GOD brings….

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