I Bathe In….

I bathe in manna on a daily basis, manna from the heavens. I do feel extremely blessed. I walk with an attitude of gratitude.

Our heavenly Father is a God of grace.

F. Scott Fitzgerald thought of money as manna that falls upon the chosen whose very sense of grace carries them breezily through life.

Be an attraction magnet and your life will be filled with manna.

Money magnetics always have more money than month rather than the opposite that poverty conscious people live in which is more month than money.

Build you a dream board…..

Word For The Day


Immure is a verb ….to immure…to enclose or confine (oneself or someone)against their will….my brother was immured in a mental institution since the age of 18 years old.

Many people immure themselves in a prison of their own thoughts.

late 16th cent.: from French emmurer or medieval Latin immurare, from in- ‘in’ + murus ‘wall.’

Check In Here…

I see I have watered my flowers today…

Actually I have neglected my flowers ….

OMG, my roses, orchids, and lilies are wilted…oh my…

Well, here I am ……checking in

The point is I am stepping up the pace so check back often….

Coming Soon…..

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