5 Network Marketing Tips

1. Treat your business like a job. Most people know how to do a job, show up on time, work constantly until your 15 minute break, then back to work until your 30 minute lunch, then again until your 10 minute break and then back working consistently and in high gear until it is time to punch out at quitting time. Consequently make a schedule and work your schedule.
2. Focus on high pay off activities. Make your actions count. From 9am to 9pm is your window of revenue producing activity RPA. Seek rapid growth, it is easier to build your organization fast rather than slow.
3. Stay in the game most people fail because they quit too quickly. Network marketing has the highest upside potential over any other form of income. It really deserves a 3 to 5 year full time commitment. If you are working part-time you are expected to bring in 1-3 people a month and full time efforts are 4-8 a month. Then you are expected to teach your team to do the same.
4. Marketing is the core foundation in all things in life. Learn to market. Learn to market yourself. Spend 80% of your time marketing.
5. Feed your mind daily with positive, personal growth programming at every opportunity. Read books, listen to CDs and DVDs. This really is the most important part of your day and should be done first thing in the morning every morning. You deserve to build your mindset foundation to success. This will only happen with an unshakeable belief in building an unshakeable mindset to success and to do this every day consistently over a extensive period of time. It will compound.

Mindset development does not have a destination nor a completion date it is a life long journey and pursuit to a higher level of success and living.